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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Family Connection do?

A. We are a statewide nonprofit organization that connects families of children with special healthcare needs, disabilities or chronic illnesses with resources, support and education. We provide support to parents with a child or family member with any special healthcare need, such as an upcoming surgery, developmental delays, premature birth, physical limitations and all diagnoses including autism, asthma, ADHD and cerebral palsy. Our support for families includes a family-to-family network, statewide offices and a host of programs to educate, inspire and empower families and their children to live rich, fulfilling lives in spite of many challenges. Our programs and services are centered on the concept of parent-to-parent support and the fact that families with shared experiences are uniquely qualified to help one another other.

Q. What can I expect when I call Family Connection?

A. An area coordinator will ask you a few questions to understand your greatest needs and concerns. Then they will work with you to develop the next steps that are best for you and your family.

Q. What diagnoses do you provide support around?

A. Family Connection can provide support around any diagnosis. If your child has a disability or special healthcare need of any kind, we can help.

Q. What ages do you support?

A. We support parents with children of any age, from birth through adulthood.

Q. Do you have someone on staff who speaks Spanish?

A. Yes! We have a Hispanic Outreach Coordinator on staff. Also, we have a statewide network of bilingual parents who provide one to one support to families who speak Spanish. Contact Adriana Shacklock at Info@FamilyConnectionSC.org.

Q. What is Parent to Parent support?

A. Parent to Parent programs offer one to one parent support as a core resource for families with children who have a special healthcare needs. Through this one to one match, trained parents provide emotional support to families and assist them in finding information and resources. Parent to Parent programs are committed to listening and learning from families and developing an array of services and supports in response to family identified needs. The strength of Parent to Parent comes directly from the parents who dedicate themselves to its continuing success.

Q. How are Parent to Parent Matches made and supported?

A. Parents who are interested in being matched with another parent often self-refer to Family Connection. Or they can request that someone else make the referral on their behalf, such as physician. Referrals and matches are never made without the expressed interest and permission of the parent seeking the support and anonymous referrals are never accepted. After the match is made, follow-up calls are made to ensure the match was successful.

Q. Does Family Connection charge for services?

A. No, all Family Connection services are provided free of charge.

Q. Does Family Connection provide financial assistance to families?

A. No, Family Connection does not provide financial support to families. However, we may be able to connect you with other resources in the community that do.

Q. Where do I find childcare for children with special healthcare needs?

A. Contact the South Carolina Inclusion Collaborative at 803-777-8483.

Q. Where can I find additional resources for children with special healthcare needs?

A. Visit our roadmap for additional resources. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, call our office and a staff member can help connect you with additional resources.

Q. Where do I find support on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or 504s?

A. Family Connection is the Parent Training and Information Center for South Carolina and our Education Connection staff and services provide support, information and training to help parents navigate special education services for their children.

Q. How do I find a therapist for my child?

A. Contact Family Connection for information specific to your child’s needs or diagnosis.

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