Making An Impact

Since 1990, Family Connection has served more than 47,000 families and made more than 32,000 parent-to- parent matches, allowing one-on- one support around a specific diagnosis or a parent’s greatest concern. For some, we did a national search if it was a rare or unusual diagnosis or circumstance.

Specifically, in 2015 alone, Family Connection provided 2,830 parent-to- parent matches. Of those families, 603 received a home visit to provide intensive one-to- one assistance on asthma (the leading cause of illness for children in South Carolina) or on beginning a journey with an infant or toddler with developmental delays.

The need continues to grow dramatically. In fact, overall referrals increased 35 percent in the last five years andoverall matches increased 65 percent.

As of October 1, 2015, Family Connection also serves as the parent center for special education services throughout South Carolina, remaining the point of contact as children transition through the education system, post secondary education and to adulthood.

In this role, Family Connection is already making significant gains toward serving families across the state. Parent engagement and training goals have been substantially exceeded.

Specifically, as of April 2016:

  • Parent engagement and leadership training goals are up 46 percent, with 35 live workshops instead of the planned 24. Another 10 webinars were held and online training modules are being developed now.
  • Youth engagement and leadership training goals are up 450 percent, with 66 live workshops instead of the planned 12. Another three webinars were held and seven online training modules are available.
  • Parent to parent matches are up 108 percent, with 1,245 matches made instead of the intended 600. Another 544 peer to peer matches were made and the Education Connection team provided one-on- one support to 162 families.
  • Attendance at professional development training and conferences was 827, with the goal being 600.

Strong partnerships with both state agencies and other nonprofits with a similar mission has also had a significant impact on the work done to date, and will continue to allow more families throughout the state to have the information and assistance needed to help their children reach their full potential. Without question, there is no better time to partner with Family Connection to serve families in our state.