Parent Connection

New Diagnosis

Parents find it hard to put into words what they feel at the time of a new diagnosis. A new diagnosis can occur at birth or may go undetected for a while. A new diagnosis can occur after a trauma. Despite the different times a parent receives a new diagnosis, we all have one thing in common; this is not what we had planned for our child or ourselves. You are probably experiencing a host of emotions at this point. Many of us remember feeling alone, helpless, scared, shocked, in disbelief, angry, anxious, depressed, confused or guilty. None of these emotions are wrong or abnormal. It’s common to feel many different emotions.

It’s helpful to many parents to find someone with who they can share these emotions. Finding someone who understands these emotions can come from parent-to-parent support. It’s true that no one understands exactly how you feel. However, there are others who have been to the place you find yourself and can help guide you as you begin this unexpected journey.

When you heard the diagnosis, life changed at that very moment, but there are things that remain unchanged that are important to hold onto. This child is still your child. Your child is precious. Your child needs you. If you would like to talk to a parent, we would be glad to connect you. Remember that you are not alone. A similar road has been traveled or perhaps is just beginning for others like you. There is hope for the future. Life may feel a little uncertain, but be encouraged that you will find hope, love and joy in this new journey ahead.

Do you need information or support to begin this journey?

When you call Family Connection, a trained parent can help you find what you need.  Even if you don’t know the questions to ask, give us a call at 1-800-578-8750.