SC DHHS South Carolina Home & Community-Based Services Statewide Transition Plan Revisions Webinar
This webinar reviews the changes that have been made to our statewide transition plan for home and community based services.
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SSI Overview
This is Part 1 of a 2-part series on SSI Benefits, delivered by Tom Mayne of South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department.
This webinar focuses on an overview of SSI.

Home & Community-Based (HCB) Settings Quality Review
The Home and Community-Based (HCB) Settings Quality Review webinar will describe and explain what the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) calls the “Heightened Scrutiny” process. SCDHHS is seeking information from the public, and specifically from waiver participants, on their experiences where they receive their services.
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Medicaid 101
This webinar will explore South Carolina Medicaid eligibility options for individuals with special needs. This workshop will cover information on TEFRA along with other Medicaid services.

Waivers 101 Webinar
This webinar will review the many waivers Medicaid beneficiaries have access to and provide a question and answer period for participants.
Panelists for this webinar are:
Susan Bolt, SC Department of Health and Human Services
Lori Manos, SC Depatment of Disabilities and Special Needs
Michelle White, SC Department of Health and Human Services.

PACE Webinar
Prevention of Adolescent and Children Exploitation
As early as possible, teach your children safety rules. If they can understand traffic rules, they can and need to understand how to keep their bodies safe.

Download the Handout for Parents

Family Connection 101
Find out who Family Connection is, and what we are all about.

HCBS Final Rule
This previously recorded webinar describes what the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) rule is about and shares the draft Statewide Transition Plan that describes how South Carolina will come into compliance with the HCBS Rule. Representatives from SCDHHS and the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs talk about this opportunity for South Carolina and answer questions about the Statewide Transition Plan.

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