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Our Mission

Changing lives by making connections, raising awareness and promoting inclusion for those with disabilities and special healthcare needs.

Our Vision

Everyone in South Carolina will have the support, education and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our Values

Our shared experience guides staff and volunteers in every interaction with parents, professionals and the community. We are caring, welcoming, knowledgeable, courteous and professional.

Our Impact

Since 1990, Family Connection has served more than 54,000 families and made more than 34,460 parent-to-parent matches, allowing one-on-one support around a specific diagnosis or a parent’s greatest concern. Specifically, last year alone, Family Connection provided 2,460 parent-to-parent matches. Of those families, 596 received a home visit to provide intensive one-to-one assistance on asthma (the leading cause of illness for children in South Carolina) or beginning a journey with an infant or toddler with developmental delays.

Making an Impact

Help support families across the state

Donations and support from individuals, partner organizations and businesses across the state, allow Family Connection to change lives by making connections, raising awareness and promoting inclusion for those with disabilities.


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Changing Lives by Making Connections, Raising Awareness and Promoting Inclusion

Family Connection has a long history of providing support to parents of children with disabilities or special healthcare needs. But any parent knows that raising a child is a true journey, with a variety of challenges and obstacles to navigate along the way.
Whether your child has an upcoming surgery, developmental delays, physical limitations, or a diagnosis of anything from autism or asthma to ADHD, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, Family Connection of South Carolina can help. Our support for families includes a vast family-to-family network and a variety of programs and events.

Many resources and a wealth of information are available today. But there are still many challenges – with education, transition to adulthood and more. Family Connection can be the point of contact for parents and individuals with disabilities throughout their journeys, from birth to school settings to adulthood, making sure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their dreams and reach their greatest potential.

Our work focuses on five key areas: Parent Support, Healthcare, Education, Training, and Advocacy. Family Connection staff members are trained and ready to help parents navigate the stages of their journeys and chart a true course for success.

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