Since 1990, Family Connection has served more than 54,000 families and made more than 32,000 parent-to- parent matches, allowing one-on-one support around a specific diagnosis or a parent’s greatest concern. For some, we did a national search if it was a rare or unusual diagnosis or circumstance.

As of October 1, 2015, Family Connection also serves as the parent center for special education services throughout South Carolina, remaining the point of contact as children transition through the education system, post secondary education and to adulthood.

Now, Family Connection staff, located throughout South Carolina, are trained and accredited in Stepping Stones Triple P. The program offers different levels to fit the individual needs and is designed to help parents address behavioral and emotional issues in children and teenagers ­that can lead to problems in the family, school and community. The program works to build family resilience, coping strategies, and other protective factors through seminars and one-on-one interaction with families, and it has led to noted success with families who have a child on the autism spectrum.


To learn more or get connected, call our Family Information Center at 1-800-578-8750.