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What is Learning?

April 16 at 9:30 am - 11:30 pm EDT

With all of the time we spend talking about teaching and learning, the emphasis is too often on the teaching rather than the learning. What does it really mean to learn? And how does learning happen in the brain?
In this training session we will dig underneath the surface of teaching and explore the most important things educators need to know about learning in the brain and how to create the most effective learning experiences.
Spoiler alert: A teacher or trainer does not take their knowledge and transfer it to the learner. In this training session, we will discuss what really happens based on sound neuroscience.
§ What is learning?
§ What conditions support or impede learning?
§ What is involved in remembering?
§ What are the different types of memory?
§ Why all this matters for teachers and students.

Training Objectives

Following the training, participants will be able to:

§ Explain how learning happens in the brain.
§ Compare procedural and declarative memory and articulate the importance of distinguishing them.
§ Determine the most appropriate strategies depending on the type of memory involved.
§ Formulate further questions for exploration regarding the application of neuroscience to learning and teaching.

Presenter: Betsy Hill is a neuro-educator and President of BrainWare Learning Company. She has studied the application of neuroscience to teaching and learning with Dr. Patricia Wolfe and other experts and works with educators, clinicians and corporate trainers on using neuroscience research to address some of the most perplexing problems in education, including closing the gap for historically underperforming students. She addressed issues of college and career preparedness as a trustee and board chair at Chicago State University. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching and an MBA from Northwestern University, and teaches strategy at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and the University of Illinois in Chicago.

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