Private health insurance is coverage through an employer or that’s purchased by an individual from a private health insurance company. With the Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance Marketplace (also known as the Health Insurance Exchange) is available to purchase insurance. If someone can afford it but doesn’t have health insurance coverage, they may have to pay a fee.
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Children’s Specialized Hospital –Health Insurance Education
Information on health insurance is provided here to ensure you have the information and resources needed to select the best health plan for your family.
This official site of the Affordable Care Act provides health coverage choices, ways to save and how the law affects you. You can also enroll in health coverage.

South Carolina Health Insurance Pool (SCHIP)
The South Carolina Health Insurance Pool (SCHIP) was created by the South Carolina General Assembly by Act 127 of 1989 to make health insurance coverage available to residents of South Carolina who are either unable to obtain health insurance because of a medical condition or whose premium for health coverage exceeds 150% of the pool rate.

South Carolina chose to enhance SCHIP so that it meets the requirements of an acceptable alternative mechanism. This is known as the state alternative mechanism (SAM). SCHIP coverage is not an insurance policy nor is it a Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina policy. SCHIP coverage is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.