Palmetto Coordinated System of Care (PCSC) Series

Announcing the Palmetto Coordinated System of Care monthly webinar series hosted by Family Connection of SC.

Review these interactive webinars as we discuss strategies to mobilize South Carolina’s behavioral health system to meet the needs of children, youth and their families. The work and programs of the Palmetto Coordinated System of Care are guided by the following Core Values: family driven and youth guided; home and community based; strengths based and individualized; culturally and linguistically competent; coordinated across systems and services; connected to natural helping networks; data driven and outcome oriented; and trauma-informed.

PCSC: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going (Jan. 2017)

PCSC: Everything You Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask: A Conversation with Tonna Okei about Cultural and Linguistic Competency (Feb. 2017)

CMHAW 2017: Becoming a Messenger of Hope (Mar. 2017)

High Fidelity Wraparound: Leveling the Playing Field for Families (Apr. 2017)

PCSC: Parent Peer Support (May 2017)

PCSC Waiver Update (June 2017)

PCSC: A Vision for Employment for Youth with Behavioral Health Needs (Aug. 2017)

Centers of Excellence in Systems of Care: The South Carolina Center of Excellence in Evidence-Based Intervention (Sept. 2017)

Creating Positive Cultures of Care (Sept. 2017)

The Palmetto Coordinated System of Care (PCSC) is a multi-disciplinary partnership between families, youth, providers and child-serving public agencies to help children stay at home, in school and, when possible, out of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. PCSC serves children and youth with serious behavioral health challenges who are in or most at risk of out of home placements by providing best or evidence-based practices and supports that are convenient for children, youth and their families. Learn more.