PCSC- Video #5

Parent Peer Support

DESCRIPTION: Parent Peer Support is one of the most successful and requested of services available within a system of care and Federation of Families of SC is proud to offer this service to families of children and youth with emotional and behavioral health needs. Many child and family serving agencies are partnering with Parent Peer Support Providers because of improved services and outcomes for families. It is the support provider’s “lived experience” that sets them apart from anyone else the family works with in this field. In this webinar, you will learn an overview of Parent Peer Support and how the providers reduce isolation of family members while promoting trust and hope and provide families with skills needed to make informed decisions.

SPEAKERS: Belinda Pearson-Barber, LMSW; Sherri Taylor, Federation of Families of SC, Blair Boozer, Federation of Families of SC

DATE: May 2, 2017

To download the transcript of the webinar, click this PCSC: Parent Peer Support (WORD) document.