Susan Faith E, age 15

Photograph by Elizabeth Doyle (2023)

Susan Faith is thoughtful and patient young woman. She is a highly creative thinker who sees unique connections and articulates complex insights.

Susan Faith continually learns and practices strategies for managing sensory and social challenges that sometimes come with her diagnoses of autism, anxiety, and ADHD. She does not let any challenge stop her from achieving her personal goals. Susan Faith truly enjoys reading, writing, games, music, and theatre. One thing she loves the most is traveling to Charlotte, NC with her mother and grandmother to see musical theatre performances.
Last year, Susan Faith, and her brother, David, went to Walt Disney World with their family, and they enjoyed it immensely. Susan Faith and David both have extraordinary gifts to share with the world. Their family embraces the opportunity for their children to join an inspiring community and to have a wonderful platform to share their stories!

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