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photograph by: Lydnsey Livingston (2019)

Bryann loves to explore different aspects of the world through music, theater and traveling. She loves to be immersed in other cultures and enjoys writing about her experiences. Bryann has performed in twelve musicals with her local theatre company and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Columbia Children’s Theatre. She also sings in the sanctuary choir for her church. Her performing talents were first shown as a young child and later developed as she studied voice, piano, and acting at the University of South Carolina through their Carolina Life program. After Bryann graduated in 2012, she became a certified Kindermusik teacher! Bryann is a recognized motivational speaker, advocating for others who also have a diagnosis of Down syndrome. The 30-year-old lives with a quote from her favorite movie, Soul Surfer, inspired by true story of her role model, surfer Bethany Hamilton: “I don’t want easy, I just need possible.” Bryann has achieved many accomplishments, including being a crew member at a store for three years. Her mother is incredibly proud of her for her courage, determination, and her ability to fulfill her hopes and dreams on her own terms every day.

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