Jonathan, Dylan, and Glendy G, ages 9, 8, and 2

Photograph by Carolina Mascarin (2023)

Jonathan, Dylan and Glendy are siblings who share a close bond. They are happy children with different personalities, and each have challenges they are working to overcome. Jonathan has a genetic condition as well as a diagnosis of autism. Dylan and Glendy have also received a diagnosis of autism.

 A child whose personality makes people around him feel comfortable, Jonathan is calm and sweet, with an innocence that helps see the best in everyone. His favorite thing is his tablet. It’s like a blanket—something that makes him feel safe. He works diligently on communication and walking skills. 

Dylan is very intelligent and a great help to his mother. He struggles with his imperativeness, but he is also very sincere, honest, and makes his family laugh. There is never a dull moment with Dylan. A car fanatic, Dylan knows all the brands of cars. He collects their logos and loves to draw them.

As the youngest, Glendy came along to complete the family. She is strong, self-confident, and decisive about what she likes and wants. She has worked very hard to create a close relationship with her brothers, and they now have an unimaginable bond. She also works hard at her therapies and makes progress every day. 

Mom Yolanda would like people to know her children and other children with disabilities deserve respect just like anyone else. “Many people think that having three children with disabilities makes our family different. We are just like any other family—we laugh, we love, and we support each other.”

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