photograph by: LaRose Morgan (2019)

Ariana is currently in fourth grade and says that her favorite subject is Spanish. In her free time, she loves getting her nails done, shopping, watching YouTube videos, and playing with her two dogs!

Ariana is a 9-year-old with spinal muscular atrophy type 2. Ariana’s mom would describe her daughter as a conqueror and loves that she faces each day with good spirits, no matter what the world throws her way. She is an independent and outgoing girl who always makes a point to help her friends. Ariana doesn’t let anything hold her back. She also wants everyone to know just how important inclusion is.

When Ariana grows up, she hopes to be a chef and show everyone her creativity with delicious meals. She also loves bowling and spending afternoons with her mom. Ariana is a vibrant and outspoken child. Starting with the LOOK! event, she and her mom can’t wait to show the world how beautiful she is — inside and out!

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