Zeron G, age 14

Photograph by Laurin Hills (2023)
One day, you might know Zeron as a Disney Imagineer, as he is already an expert on all things Disney. Having gone on multiple Disney vacations from cruises to the park itself, Zeron has become a mini travel agent and even talked to staff members about his future goals. He also loves Dollywood, eating pizza, and Japanese anime.

Zeron is a straight A student with a love for playing the saxophone. He was selected to be in “True Blue Band” at his local middle school. Reaching further, he tried out for Region Band. Despite not being selected, the progress and confidence he gained from the experience is invaluable.

Zeron has diagnoses of autism and ADHD. He may have a quiet spirit, but his smile can light up a room. Known as ‘Z’ to his peers, he loves to play with his friends and make them laugh. When someone gets to know Zeron, they are amazed with his one liners, and how funny he can be when he thinks nobody is looking.

“Zeron is a teenage boy who loves life, and he has a lot to offer. We want him to be given the same opportunities and kindness given to anyone,” his mom, Amber says. “Zeron may not express himself as well as others, but he can hear and understand. Kindness and understanding are what we ask of the world.”

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