Alexander stands on the state house steps


Photograph by Camille Wood (2019)

Alexander has a heart of gold. His parents describe the 12-year-old, who goes by Alex, as compassionate and always going above and beyond to ensure those around him feel loved and cared for.

One of Alexander’s favorite activities is to stay up late breaking high scores on the latest video games. Alex enjoys spending time with his family. With a little brother around, Alex is always striving to be a good role model and take care of his younger sibling, finding inspiration from his own role model, their dad.

Alex has a speech impairment and a learning disability. He makes his family proud every day by achieving his personal goals. He enjoys learning new information especially related to caring for animals, focusing his attention on his two pets – a dwarf frog and turtle. Alex is inspired by his Boy Scout troop leader and dreams of turning his compassion and hard work into a career as a police officer.

Alex’s parents hope that by seeing himself pictured in Look! he will gain more confidence about the great leadership qualities he possesses. His parents hope that he continues to dream big!

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