Evelyn M, age 3

Photograph by Michele Hutchinson (2023)
Evelyn “Evie” is a girl who never gives up. Her teacher calls her “spicy”. She is fiery and tenacious, yet sweet and intuitive. She is very curious about everything. “Evie will take something and dissect it or take it apart to figure out how it works” says mom, Anna. “She has a questioning, wondering spirit and is captivated by the world around her.”
Evie has multiple diagnoses including primordial dwarfism and apraxia. Her biggest challenge is language and communication. She struggles expressing herself, but she is quickly learning how to use a communication device. When Evie wants to do something, she will do it. This “never give up” attitude has inspired her family from early on. They are constantly amazed at how Evie overcomes challenges and achieves her milestones.
When it’s time to play, Evie wants to be outside. She loves water: swimming, going on a canoe ride, and splashing. She loves exploring outdoors, but she also appreciates story time with snuggles and cherishes time with her family. Big sister Eleanor is a wonderful role model who doesn’t see Evie as a child with medical needs—only as the best little sister.

Reflecting on Evie’s journey, Anna says “Evie has overcome a lot for a 3-year-old child—and she does it without complaint. Every struggle is overshadowed by her joy and her love. Her spirit is amazing. We could never ask for a better Evie!”

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