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Family Connection provides a variety of conferences, workshops and webinars to ensure you have the knowledge needed to be the best advocate possible for your child.
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Spartanburg Area: Family Connection Support Parent Training

We need Support Parent Volunteers like you!

A special training for parents of children with special healthcare needs or a disability to become volunteer Support Parents. They will offer one-on-on support to other families on the same journey. The goal of the Support Parent Program is to help educate, inspire, and empower parents and their children to live rich, fulfilling lives in spite of many challenges. This workshop will be at Family Connection’s Spartanburg Office in the upstairs Conference Room.

To register, please Sign up by May 22 at 864-585-5462 (Ask for Spartanburg Office) or [email protected]

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Anderson Area: EQUIP-ABLE Peer Support Group

A peer to peer self-advocacy building group that focuses on goal setting, communication, overcoming barriers, disability pride, and empowerment.

Journey Toolkit: The Power of Organization

Parents will learn how to manage the overwhelming amount of paperwork created by educational and medical services. Learning to organize will help you become better prepared for your next meeting.