Family Support

Support and Information Line

When families are connected to a community of support, resources, and other families, the individuals in their care have the best chance to thrive. Our staff are also parents, and provide lived experience to other parents along every stage of their child’s journey.

Each year we connect more than 3,000 families to:

• Professional staff who are also parents

• Peer-to-peer support

• Guidance in navigating the healthcare system

• Assistance with education plans and school meetings

• Trainings, workshops, and events

• Resources, tools and professional

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What is a Support Parent?

As a representative of Family Connection, a Support Parent provides peer-to-peer emotional support and information to families of individuals with disabilities or other special needs. A Support Parent offers a safe listening environment and can be a wealth of information to another parent.

Support Parents connect with other families, either by telephone or by email, and provide a kind of understanding that no one else can offer. Support Parents participate in “active listening” and provide an opportunity for openness in a non-judgmental relationship. Supports Parents DO NOT provide any form of medical advice or professional counseling.

Many children with developmental delays are not identified as early as possible. Screening tools allow us to recognize potential delays sooner and provide early intervention, which is a key factor for children experiencing positive outcomes in the future.