Brett and Jacob

Photograph by Dan Newbanks (2017)

Brett has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy – a neuromuscular disease that gradually weakens the muscle in his body over time. He currently depends on a wheelchair for mobility. A senior at Spring Hill High School in Chapin, he plans to graduate with a high school diploma in early June. In the fall of 2017, he plans to attend Newberry College and major in ministry while living on campus. Brett says his greatest challenge in making the transition from high school to college is having a caregiver(s) to assist him with my daily needs. He hopes someone on campus can be hired to provide that assistance. Additionally, having roommates and friends that he can trust, in case something happens, is equally important. Brett realizes that this will be a huge transition in his life because he will be living on his own for the first time and learning to manage his time properly. Yet, despite these challenges, he’s excited about this new opportunity for meeting new people, engaging in new activities and growing and learning in ministry.

Jacob also has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. He currently attends Spring Hill High School and will graduate this year. He also plans to attend Newberry College to study forensic science or criminal justice. He knows there will be difficulties to face, but he is determined to make college work. He admits that many people with his condition do not have the opportunity to attend a four-year college and live on campus. That makes him even more excited about this opportunity.

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