boy sits in his chair and using cups

Avik Senn, age 9

Photograph by Janice Sanford (2021)

As many people will tell you, the journey is just as important as the destination. In Avik’s case, this could not be truer.

Despite not being able to move, Avik enjoys adaptive skiing, adaptive pool therapy, adaptive horseback riding, immersive arcade games, and being on boat. He loves singing and being danced with. Last but not least, Avik is a foodie. He worked hard to learn how to eat, and he is adventurous when it comes to his palate.

Avik was born as a result of a normal pregnancy and happens to have a rare non-inherited genetic condition that is associated with seizures, movement disorders and developmental delays. As a result of his underlying condition, he is nonverbal and non-ambulatory. He requires assistance with all activities of daily living.

Avik has taken his family to places they couldn’t imagine: meeting and interacting with people they never would have met, including families of special needs children, providers who help special needs children, and random people who Avik manages to charm. “He sees people’s humanity and they in turn recognize his” says his mom, Priya. “Despite his tremendous obstacles, he manages to engage and interact with people. It is really awe inspiring to bear witness to this” she says.

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