Jordan M, age 21

Photograph by Tamyia Allen (2023)
Jordan is a quiet, shy girl but once she gets to know you, she becomes a social butterfly! A free spirit who loves to laugh and make others laugh, Jordan cares deeply about people and wants everyone around her to be happy.
Jordan is completing the Carolina Life Program, and it has been a key highlight on her journey. Living independently on campus for two years presented obstacles, but she made it! It has been a challenge for her to accept her diagnosis of autism while living life on her terms.

Jordan enjoys listening to music and researching fast facts on her iPhone and iPad. She likes to share little known facts with her mother and grandmom.
Jordan is a wonderful and caring person. She knows who she is and what she wants. She places no limits on her abilities. Her mother Deneen states, “The best is yet to come for Jordan!”

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