Gael Armando B, age 6

Photograph by Liane Almeida (2023)
Gael “Gaelito” is a determined, cheerful boy who works hard every day at therapy. With the help of his therapists and his family, he is learning to use his walker. Every step he takes with the walker reflects years of his hard work. He never gives up and always has a smile on his face.

Gaelito enjoys being outdoors, and going to the park to watch children play. He especially enjoys watching people play soccer.

Since his birth, Gaelito has filled his family’s lives with love. His mother says he fills their lives with joy every single day.

 Gaelito’s journey motivates his family and has made them stronger. They have a simple wish: for their son to be given a chance to be accepted, even if cerebral palsy has caused him to have different physical abilities than other children.

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