Girl sits on a hill at the park

Patriss Williams, age 7

Photograph by DeAndra Young (2021)

Patriss loves listening to music, singing with her karaoke machine, doing yoga, and writing in her journal. Her sassy style and the way she carries herself often inspires her mom to introduce her age as seven going on 17.

A spunky little girl, Patriss met developmental milestones on time but exhibited some cognitive-behavioral challenges. She became overly sensitive to light, loud sounds, certain fragrances, and food textures. She was evaluated and diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and mood dysregulation. Today, she is able to self-regulate her emotions and has incorporate techniques she learned in therapy to manage her sensitivities.

Patriss, along with her little brother Pace, are a breath of fresh air as they live a “free to be me” kind of life! Their infectious smiles pull you in and their big bright eyes look right into your soul! They are imaginative, creative children who are always seeking, exploring, dreaming, and believing.

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