girl stands by a fence with her basketball

Raegan Harrelson, age 16

Photograph by Jess Sonderman (2021)

Raegan loves to stay active and pursues many interests. She loves the sport of basketball—running, shooting, and playing her favorite position as a guard. She is also a second-degree black belt in karate where she enjoys the opportunity to “spar” with another teammate—safely competing in protective gear. This year, she learned to swim, and received an award for completing her 13th year of dance!

She has participated in past LOOK! events as well as Buddy Walk. Raegan has a diagnosis of Down syndrome. She is easy going and can do anything she puts her mind to, with a little extra encouragement.

When she’s not doing something sports related, she likes to play guitar and recently began cooking and baking. She loves being an aunt to her niece, Saylor, and new nephew, Dawson. She also enjoys school and can’t wait for the new school year to start.

Raegan’s mom loves seeing the excitement and smiles on her daughter’s face when she accomplishes something that she didn’t think she could do. No matter what, Reagan always makes her family proud, and they think she is simply amazing.

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