Cameron Mayer, age 15

Photograph by Andrea Romero (2021)

Cameron’s favorite thing is nature: going to the park, helping his mom water the garden, following the stream of water as it runs to the street.
He loves to look at photos of family, friends and places they have visited. He loves art, the changing of the seasons, and holidays. His role models are his siblings. They accept him perfectly for who he is. They love each other unconditionally.

Cameron is non-verbal and has a diagnosis of Angelmen syndrome and schizoaffective disorder. He also has eosinophilic esophagitis disease and a rare vision disorder that makes everything look like a kaleidoscope with colors. He also has a condition that keeps him on his tip toes because of the extra growth in his heal bone. He has epilepsy and severe PICA disorder.
Cameron’s personality is made of strength and innocence. When something is hard–like medical tests or hospital stays–he shows his strength to keep going. His innocence is of pure actions, feelings, love, and joy. He has a beautiful soul.

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