little girl outside with long bead necklace


Photograph by: Amy Keely (2019)

Avery is a 19-month-old who loves everything about Chuck E. Cheese. She watches his videos on repeat and is his biggest fan. Avery Blake also enjoys clapping her hands and playing with her older siblings, her Fisher Price food truck, NASA space helmet, and her hair.

Avery Blake was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot (TOF) with severe pulmonary stenosis and has overcome many obstacles, including two separate surgeries and an eight week stay at MUSC. Because of this, she was given a beads of courage necklace as shown in her LOOK! photo. Avery is truly a fighter and is currently succeeding in her goals of standing, walking and becoming independent! Besides jumping on their trampoline and going on the swings, she loves to join the rest of her family every Sunday for church.

The family’s faith is very important to them as they have truly learned the meaning behind it since they had Avery Blake. Her parents hope that everyone will be able to see the brilliant, amazing, and bright little girl they know so well.

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