Emily L, age 31

Photograph by Kris Copeland (2022)

Emily loves to laugh. She also loves puzzles, playing matching games, and hearing someone read to her. She gets excited to go anywhere for a ride—especially if it’s going out for a milkshake or a coke.

Emily was diagnosed under the umbrella of developmental delay, but her parents never received a more specific diagnosis other than she is missing two chromosomes. She has been plagued by seizures her whole life.

Emily continually learns new independent living skills and loves being with friends and family. Her family describes Emily as “loving unconditionally, she accepts others for who they are.”

Emily’s mom, Becky, hopes more people become accepting of people who are different from themselves. “Emily is a person. She has feelings. She wants to be included in things just like other people.”

A Emily le encanta reír. También le gustan los rompecabezas, los juegos de parejas y que alguien le lea. Le entusiasma ir a cualquier sitio a dar un paseo, sobre todo si se trata de ir a tomar un batido o una coca-cola.

A Emily se le diagnosticó un retraso en el desarrollo, pero sus padres nunca recibieron un diagnóstico más específico, aparte de que le faltan dos cromosomas. Lleva toda la vida sufriendo convulsiones.

Emily aprende continuamente nuevas habilidades de vida independiente y le encanta estar con sus amigos y su familia. Su familia describe a Emily como “cariñosa incondicionalmente, acepta a los demás por lo que son”.

Becky, la madre de Emily, espera que haya más gente que acepte a quienes son diferentes a ellos. “Emily es una persona. Tiene sentimientos. Quiere que se la incluya en las cosas como a las demás personas”.

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