Mila Petruescu, age 2

Photograph by Cassondra Johnson (2021)

Mila Petruescu brings joy wherever she goes! Mila loves dancing and lip syncing with her grandmother. When she is not dancing, Mila is playing with her big brother and sister. Mila’s loveable personality brings happiness to the entire family.

When Mila’s mother was pregnant, her doctor identified Mila with a diagnosis of Down syndrome and having a large hole in her heart. In the weeks leading to Mila’s arrival, the family was told to prepare for the probability of a long term stay in the neonatal intensive care unit due to the hole in Mila’s heart. Miraculously, however, at 38 weeks gestation, the hole in Mila’s heart had completely closed and she was born at 39 weeks. Mila’s name means “Mercy” in her dad’s native language of Romanian.

Mila’s mom, Jessy says she was very scared when she received Mila’s diagnosis, but now sees things differently. She says “I’m sure our road won’t be exactly as I dreamed of, but it will be filled with the love that this bundle of sweetness brings us. She is truly the joy in our family.”

Mila’s family is excited to be recently introduced to Family Connection and are so glad to share Mila’s joy and light with others through the LOOK! Photography Exhibit.

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