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Having a child with a disability or special healthcare need means parents face questions about medical care, insurance and service options.

Our Healthcare team can help you with Medicaid, TEFRA, appeals and managed care information. We can provide applications and provide support in person or over the phone.

Need help? Call our Family Information Center at 1-800-578-8750.

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Learn about healthcare coverage and find the right fit for your families needs.

Need help with your TEFRA Application?

Our skilled staff can answer any question you have, walk you through anything that’s confusing and even review your application with you before you submit. Call the Family Information Center 1-800-578-8750

InfoAble Portal and Center for Disability Resources Library

The CDR Library is a collaborative effort between BabyNet, CDR, SCDDSN, and USC School of Medicine Library. The CDR Library consists of books, videos, brochures, and audiotapes covering a variety of disability-related topics and includes the InfoAble Portal.