LOOK! Art Walk

Bringing their stories to the city

Five Points, Columbia SC

little boy and girl touching faces

Millie and Jace

Photograph by Katie Hart
On display at:

Vista District, Columbia SC

boy and girl on karate mat


Photograph by Sammi Tucker

On display at:

boy on slide reaching out for hand


Photograph by Anne McQuary

On display at:

Matthew shows off his spiderman skills


Photograph by Lauren Clifton
On display at:

Ashanti shows her medals


Kathryn Van Aernum
On display at:

Dakota​ playing soccer


Photograph by Rebecca Triplett
On display at:

Jasmine watches bubbles


Photograph by Henry Jones
On display at:

Cotton Town, Columbia SC

little girl on blanket reading to stuffed animals


Photograph by Alex Hope Leaphart
On display at:

Main Street District, Columbia SC

little boy pushing a toy truck outside


Photograph by Katie Hart
On display at:

The Arcade Building

girl sitting on tractor with chickens


Photograph by Jennifer Brecheisen
On display at:

The Arcade Building

Catherine cooks in her toy kitchen


Photograph by Stephanie McAbee
On display at:

Corban chases bubbles


Photograph by Emily Barnes
On display at:

Terrence makes music at his computer


Photograph by Lester Boykin
On display at:

Alexander stands on the state house steps


Photograph by Camille Wood
On display at:

Kelly plays in the park


Photograph by Jamie Organ
On display at:



Photograph by Megan Burgee
On display at:

woman and girl sitting on couch with book


Photograph by Carmony Corley
On display at:

mom and daughter holding each other


Photograph by Tricia Wright
On display at:

boy standing in book store holding a book


Photograph by Elba Martinez
On display at:

two boys playing patty cake

Dylan and Jackson

Photograph by April Zafoot
On display at:

girl bent over smiling at camera


Photograph by Carmony Corley
On display at:

girl with glasses and bubbles floating


Photograph by John Lowry
On display at:

boy sitting on rock with stuffed animal


Photograph by Kandice Hanley
On display at:

girl with walker outside on street


Photograph by Holley Taylor
On display at:

girl smiling at camera

Ana Sofia

Photograph by Katia Lee
On display at:

girl in flower crown smiling


Photograph by Tiffany Crenshaw
On display at:

boy sitting in gaming chair with remote control


Photograph by Regina Brown
On display at:

mom and son walking on a log


Photograph by Elizabeth Jones
On display at:

girl in miss santa hero pageant sash and tiara


Photograph by Katie English
On display at:

two sisters kissing


Photograph by Hope Jeffcoat
On display at:

little girl outside with long bead necklace


Photograph by Amy Keely
On display at:

little boy sitting on blanket outside


Photograph by Katie Hart
On display at:

boy laying on blanket with coloring book outside


Photograph by Alyssa Lewis
On display at:

Cayce, SC

girl standing holding a woman's hands


Photograph by John Lowry
On display at:

Lexington, SC

girl in glasses on jungle gym


Photograph by Michael Rouse

On display at:

Businesses across the city have photos from our LOOK! collection on display. These destinations are part of the exciting LOOK! Art Walk!

The Art Walk is a self-paced, self-guided tour where visitors to the business destinations will have the opportunity to view the photo and read the story about the child or young person featured in the photo.

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Benefits to LOOK! Art Walk Locations

We will promote the LOOK! Art Walk to drive traffic to your business:

• Radio promotions on B1067. FM

•A launch at Soda City Market

• Social media challenges and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

• Social media tool kit for your business.

• Bi-monthly digital newsletters.

• An insert to be included with guest checks at participating restaurants.

• A map featuring participating LOOK! Art Walk locations. Map will be displayed at all LOOK! Art Walk destinations. The map and accompanying digital version will encourage visiting all locations.

• Map will be featured on familyconnectionsc.org

• A window decal designating your business as a LOOK! Art Walk destination.