photograph by: Tricia Wright (2019)

Savannah is a 14-year-old girl who is full of personality.She has a bold sense of style and loves getting all dressed up. Savannah feels her best when her clothes match her fun and confident personality.

Savannah’s family loves to cheer her on as they watch her play sports. Savannah’s older sister, Sierra, is her role model and biggest cheerleader, especially during Miracle League baseball games. Savannah’s family is so proud of all that she has achieved!

Savannah enjoys dancing and making those around her laugh, including doing a signature dance she created called “The Bob.” Although she is nonverbal, Savannah often finds ways to brighten up someone’s day.

Savannah’s family hopes that the LOOK! exhibit shows others the positive difference that a beautiful smile and a golden heart can make in someone’s life. With cerebral palsy, Savannah is a light for those around her and no obstacle will ever stop her from living her life as boldly and beautifully as possible!

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