Michelle Landaro, age 10 months

Photograph by Michele Hutchinson (2021)

Michelle Landero inspires love, tenderness, and peace in the lives of her family. Each day, she teaches them to be grateful. “We value what we have when we see how she has to fight for everything–even for the simplest things” says her mom, Mara. “Her beauty is that she is always happy.”

“Michi” likes to touch her mom’s face, smile, play with toys with lights, play with hair, and babble.  Her mother calls her a sign of love and a fighter.

Michelle was born prematurely, with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. She has to wear glasses and requires “helmet orthosis” or helmet therapy, prescribed to help mold her skull into place. She requires frequent medical checkups.

Her mom says, “What has always inspired us about Michi is her love for life, as she struggles to overcome each goal—we are very proud of her. She has an extra chromosome that shows us a different world full of love and happiness despite difficult moments.”



Michelle Landero inspira amor, ternura y paz en la vida de su familia. Cada día les enseña a ser agradecidos. “Valoramos lo que tenemos cuando vemos que ella tiene que luchar por todo, incluso por las cosas más sencillas”, dice su madre, Mara. “Su belleza es que siempre está contenta”.

A “Michi” le gusta tocar la cara de su madre, sonreír, jugar con juguetes con luces, jugar con el pelo y balbucear.  Su madre dice que Michi es una muestra de amor y una luchadora.

Michelle nació prematuramente, con un diagnóstico de síndrome de Down. Tiene que usar anteojos y requiere “órtesis de casco” o terapia de casco, prescrita para ayudarle a moldear su cráneo. Además, tiene frecuentes revisiones médicas.

Su madre dice: “Lo que siempre nos ha inspirado de Michi es su amor por la vida, su lucha por superar cada meta; estamos muy orgullosos de ella. Tiene un cromosoma extra que nos muestra un mundo diferente lleno de amor y felicidad a pesar de los momentos difíciles.”


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