Ka’Niya B, age 4

Photograph by Hannah Carlisle (2023)
A little girl who is known for being outspoken, Ka’Niya will always tell you what is on her mind!
Ka’Niya’s strength and determination truly shine when she is battling a pain crisis caused by her sickle cell disease. She is also a thoughtful child who cares about those around her. Her mom, Ky’Andra smiles as she shares “When I’m sick or feeling down, she needs to make sure I’m OK, and she encourages me.”
Ka’Niya loves music, dancing, playing with Barbies and running around with her brother, Curtis. She also likes trying new things like soccer, T-ball, and ballet. She recently won the Little Miss Corn Muffin pageant in Columbia! She enjoyed every minute of the competition including the interview with the judges, posing, walking down the aisle, and of course, dancing.

“Ka’Niya doesn’t let anything stop her—not even her pain,” says Ky’Andra. “She is the strongest little girl I know. She is my hero!”

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