Javier F, age 4

Photograph by Teri Byrdic (2023)

Javier is an incredibly sweet boy. It takes him a little longer to warm up to his peers, but he has made some amazing friends at daycare and school!

With his medical complications early on, it has taken Javi longer to reach typical milestones, but in this past year, he has been hitting many of them! One year ago, he wasn’t even thinking about walking. He received two new sets of braces, more frequent visits to his therapist, and he now walks every opportunity he gets! Javi was even able to participate in a few Young Athletes Play Dates with the Special Olympics.

Javi enjoys reading, Mickey Mouse, and all his wonderful friends. He loves to throw and chase balls or other toys. Javi is also a little dance machine with the right music!  He loves to see new people—waving at anyone who might notice him. He also likes to play “the sleeping game” with his family. If one of them pretends to be sleeping, he will pat them until they wake up. Most recently he’s added a kiss instead of a pat—mom says he’s their own little Prince Charming. Javi’s family would love the opportunity to share his infectious happiness with everyone. 

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