girl in miss santa hero pageant sash and tiara


photograph by: Katie English (2019)

Raegan rocks any stage that she steps onto. She wowed the crowd at the 2018 Carolina Carillon pageant and is now the reigning Miss Santa Hero. Raegan has also been taking dance for 11 years and karate for three and has excelled at both. Her family is always receiving rave reviews after a karate belt test or a dance recital!

Raegan is a 14-year-old eighth grader who loves activities that keep her moving such as PE and dance. Her role models are her best friend Caitlin and singer/song-writer Luke Bryan! His music never fails to bring a smile to Raegan’s face.

Raegan has a diagnosis of Down syndrome and loves to be around and help people. She hopes to someday become an administrative professional so that she can meet new people every day and bring a little bit of her Raegan sunshine to their days. Raegan’s family is confident that she will achieve anything she sets her mind to and she makes them proud every day.

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