Angel C, age 8

Photograph by Teri Byrdic (2022)

Angel is loving and affectionate. His favorite time is when his parents and siblings surround him, talking and singing to him. He brings happiness to his family and has taught them to value and understand other families who have children with disabilities.

Epilepsy has been difficult for Angel. His mom says it is particularly challenging when he gets sick or is in pain, but she says that every single day with him is a blessing, and she loves talking to him. “In the beginning there were changes our family had to make, but now his strength inspires us to keep going no matter what comes our way. We are so happy Angel is part of our beautiful family!”

Ángel es cariñoso y amoroso. Lo que más le gusta es cuando sus padres y hermanos le rodean, le hablan y le cantan. Aporta felicidad a su familia y les ha enseñado a valorar y comprender a otras familias que tienen hijos con una discapacidad.

La epilepsia ha sido difícil para Ángel. Su madre dice que es especialmente difícil cuando se pone enfermo o le duele algo, pero dice que cada día con él es una bendición, y que le encanta hablarle. “Al principio hubo cambios que nuestra familia tuvo que hacer, pero ahora su fuerza nos inspira a seguir adelante sin importar lo que se nos presente. Estamos muy contentos de que Ángel forme parte de nuestra hermosa familia”.

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