Grace H, age 15

Photograph by Sara Espinosa (2023)

Grace is a bright, articulate, and brave teenage girl who is the best snuggler. She has a caring personality and has a strong sense of justice.

 At only three years old, Grace started her journey with cyclic vomiting syndrome. She has undergone many medical procedures and endured the trauma that comes with those procedures. For the majority of 2019, Grace and her mom lived in a Ronald McDonald House while seeking treatments for a clinical trial. During her time there, she made so many friends and became a mentor to younger patients. Without hesitation she shared her story with Milwaukee RMHC board of directors as well as on video and in print to raise awareness of the need for support for medically complex kids.

Over the course of the years, Grace has worked extensively with Child Life to find her voice and is now an amazing self-advocate. She confronted her trauma with the help of the organization. She speaks up for herself with medical providers and tells them her needs during procedures. At 15 years old, Grace has advocated for her rare disease on Capitol Hill, including meeting with all her congressman. She is a natural leader, being Vice President of her local Beta Club, and is currently helping organize a benefit for a local group serving LGBTQIA homeless youth. Grace does not let anything stop her from doing what she wants. When she sets her mind on a goal, she is unstoppable in the best way.  

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