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photograph by: Johnathan Boatwright (2019)

When the morning school bell rings, Paisley is eager to soak in as much new information as possible. Whether she’s being taught new words or playing outside at recess, it’s safe to say this four-year-old absolutely loves her time spent at school.

After school, Paisley is eager to come home and put her new knowledge to use practicing everything she’s learned and spending time with her older sister, who also happens to be her role model. Paisley’s voice can often be heard singing throughout her home, practicing a hobby she hopes to one day turn into a career.

Once Paisley is ready to wind down for the day, she enjoys snuggling on the couch with her dog and two cats as they follow along with the characters and adventures in some of her favorite movies – The Smurfs, Minions, Winnie the Pooh, and The Good Dinosaur.

Paisley has shown her own strength with autism, hydrocephalus, global development delay, language disorder, and hypotonia. From learning to walk to increasing her speech from 40% to 80%, Paisley never stops working hard to accomplish incredible milestones, making her family proud each and every day!

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