Dylan and Jackson

Photograph by April Zafoot (2017)

Dylan (“Dyl Pickle”) is a healthy, active four-year old who happens to have Down syndrome. He’s been in three-year-old preschool for two years, but big changes are coming! He’s joining The Therapy Place’s Special Olympic Young Athletes Team, he’s learning to use his LAMP communication app on his iPad, and, we hope, he will be moving into four-year-old kindergarten in August. It’s hard to believe that he was only four pounds when he was born six weeks early. Now he’s 40 pounds, four years old and unstoppable!

Jackson (“Action Jackson”) is a healthy, active seven-year-old boy who has autism and ADHD. He has struggled as we’ve determined how best to help him overcome those challenges. He is now doing better in school, is joining The Therapy Place’s Special Olympics Young Athletes Team and is in Boy Scouts. He is eager to learn new things, make friends and find his place in the world.

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