Josue C, age 8

Photograph by Liane Almeida (2023)
Josue is a caring, honest boy who is highly intelligent and dedicated to learning. He is also punctual, responsible, and loving to his family. He has a strong personality, is very orderly, and does the things he is supposed to do—such as homework—without being asked.
Josue has a diagnosis of autism. He started talking at age five, but has only been able to communicate effectively for a few months. His parents are proud that he is learning both Spanish and English. They also admire their son for being a fighter. He has overcome panic attacks little by little, and has learned to ask for help when he needs it. He has an amazing ability to keep moving forward and to overcome obstacles.

Being with family and watching movies are among Josue’s favorite activities. His family says Josue has changed their lives in a positive way. They hope society will also learn acceptance and will get to know their son before judging him. They say, “Josue is the most honest person you will ever meet, and he always has something to teach you!”

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