J’vien M, age 2

Photograph by Deanna Haywood (2023)
Two-year old J’vien inspires people with his fearlessness and drive. He is eager to learn new things and lights up the lives of those around him with his bright smile and twinkling eyes. J’vien loves all things music, including singing and dancing. He also loves collecting sports cars, police cars, and trucks.
J’vien has a diagnosis of autism. Shortly after starting therapy, he was able to begin crawling. Within five months, he was walking. Through his determination, J’vien can bring out the best in everyone around him and challenge people to be the best version of themselves.

J’vien’s dad, Rae, describes a proud parent moment when he and J’vien were at the children’s library. J’vien was able to read words spelled out with magnetic letters that they had only gone over a few times.
J’vien brings unconditional love to his family and joy they did not know they were missing.

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