Warren “Ayers” H, age 1

Photograph by Hannah Carlisle (2023)
Ayers is a sweet and spicy boy. His mother, Brandynne, describes him “almost like a Sour Patch Kid—sweet but spicy.” He brings happiness wherever he goes and always has a smile on his face! When Ayers walks into school, he greets the teachers with hugs and fist bumps. He loves making connections with people.

Ayers was born with breathing and feeding difficulties. He also had a heart defect and an umbilical hernia. Ayers was diagnosed with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) at age one. He passed his swallow study and came off thickened liquids at eighteen months. Ayers started walking at nineteen months and has not stopped moving since!  

Ayers loves music and dancing. Any time the music starts you will catch him waving his hands and doing a little dance.  He also likes to climb and has conquered the rock wall playset. He loves anything involving water, and his family is looking forward to his swim lessons this summer.

Ayers is an amazing child who is filled with joy. His mom says: “All it takes is a few moments with him and he will show you what it means to be happy.”

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