photograph by: Kandice Hanley (2019)

Camari is three years old and starts every day with a smile. Morning time is his absolute favorite time of day, not only because he loves waking up, but because there is the possibility of bacon for breakfast!

Camari is happy, energetic, and enjoys making new friends. He greets everyone he meets with a hug or a high-five! One of his favorite things to do is watch himself in the mirror. Whether he is talking, laughing, or dancing, he loves watching himself move! His mom and dad savor those moments as they watch his bright eyes light up when he sees himself. Not only is Camari loving, but he is strong and enthusiastic about everything, whether it’s learning to talk or playing basketball with his dad. His parents know that Camari loves being the boss! They say he always makes them proud by showing them how much he loves learning; one of their favorite memories of Camari is when he learned to walk all by himself.
While Camari has a diagnosis of Down syndrome and sickle cell disease, he knows that he is not different than anyone else. His parents are proud of him every day as he takes on the world. He puts his whole heart into everything.

Camari shows us all how much joy we can spread to others by being proud of and celebrating our accomplishments.

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