Sarah O, age 5

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2023)
Sarah finds joy in any situation. Full of smiles, she loves to engage in conversation with family, friends, and even strangers. She is a very sweet friend and caring sister, always cheerful and wanting to play.

Sarah was born with a diagnosis of Sturge Weber Syndrome, a rare neurological condition. Because of this, she has seizures, glaucoma, brain atrophy, developmental delay, and left-sided weakness.  

Sarah loves her friends and is extremely social. She is one very lucky girl. Sarah’s loving parents and sisters are protective of her, and she has the family structure and support she needs. She is a happy child and full of life. Her mom is very clear that the family focuses less on her diagnosis, and more on enjoying Sarah.     
For those lucky enough to meet Sarah: you will fall in love with her.  She will make you laugh, and put you in a better mood!

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