photograph by: Holley Taylor (2019)

Two-year-old Charlotte loves to crawl, babble, and dance along to Pharrell Williams’ song, “Happy!” Charlotte is even happier when she is playing catch with her playground ball, reading books and holding hands to jump. She also loves the water. She enjoys swimming during therapy and bathtime, where she is able to splash water in excessive amounts.

Her favorite part of the day is when she gets to play with her sister and brother. Charlotte and her siblings like to play with their pets. They have Murray, a golden retriever; Lily, a chihuahua; their cats Oliver, Zoey, and Big Mo; and their fish. Though she will never admit it to the others, Zoey and the fish are Charlotte’s favorite animals.

Charlotte’s sweet, funny, and silly personality dazzles everyone she meets! Her persistence has allowed her to overcome the various challenges she has faced due to her septo-optic dysplasia (SOD) and schizencephaly. Her parents hope that Charlotte will inspire others to “look beyond
her disabilities to what she is able to accomplish.”

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