Dale “Tripp” H, age 12

Photograph by Eva Higgins (2023)
Tripp is a happy, independent two-year-old who also likes being around others. He has a determined personality and enjoys making a plan and doing his own thing. His interests and favorite things to do are playing chase with his dad and brother, watching Puppy Dog Pals, and looking at books.
Recently, Tripp was diagnosed with autism. He has a twin brother, Matthew, making it easy to spot the differences in development at an early age. The early diagnosis provided Tripp the opportunity to start early intervention services quickly.
Tripp’s family likes to remind themselves that he makes progress at his own pace and even if it takes a little longer, the reward is always great! He has inspired his family to not give up on anything easily.

Tripp’s mom, Morgan, describes how proud she was when Tripp went to his evaluation with his teacher at school all by himself. She said, “He was friendly and outgoing, and it made my mama heart smile.”

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