Ashley Altagracia R, age 14

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2023)
Ashley brings light to the paths of others, and shares joy wherever she goes. Her days are busy and filled with therapies and hard work, but she is always smiling and giving her best. She does not know a bad day. Her mother, Yokasta, says Ashley conveys strength. Her family is proud of every goal Ashley achieves. “Every progress she makes in her therapies are the fruits of her hard work,” reflects Yokasta.
Ashley has a diagnosis of autism. Her family has come together to support Ashley’s progress in therapy, and they give their best to her.

As the youngest member in this close-knit family, Ashley is the most doted upon, and the most protected. She is their “La Mariposita” or little butterfly. A cheerful girl, Ashley loves her family deeply and radiates happiness to everyone around her. Her family knows with their support, and the support of an accepting community, Ashley will go far and do wonderful things.

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