boy plays on a play ground

Dylan Morton, age 8

Photograph by Lyndsey Chavous (2021)

“Dyl Pickle” likes to play superheroes, whether it’s dress up, dramatic play or sitting on the floor with action figures acting out scenes. He loves dancing and snuggles. Both Dylan and his brother Jackson are both curious kids—but their approach is night and day. Jackson will ask all the questions, while Dylan jumps right in ready to be the life of the party.

Dylan has a diagnosis Down syndrome and has struggled with respiratory issues causing frequent hospital stays. He’s incredibly strong and bounces back each time with a smile. He has benefitted from special needs education and enjoys PE, music, and art. He has a cat named Merlin—who is more like a dog–and tolerates Dylan’s sometimes clumsy love.

Mom, Toni, says, “Both of my boys will keep you on your toes, but with so many smiles you don’t really mind—in fact, Dylan can put a smile on the faces of most everyone in the room. I’ve seen glimpses of the type of men my boys will become and couldn’t be prouder of what I see!

Family Connection of South Carolina provides services and resources to families who have a child with a disability or specialized healthcare need. Since 1990 we have served more than 100,000 families and today our services are needed more than ever. We focus on parent-to-parent support, guidance with navigating the complex healthcare system, and assistance with school meetings and special education plans.

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