Jesus Garcia, age 19

Photograph by Liane Almeida (2020)

Jesus is smart, strong, optimistic, and joyous. He is always looking for the good in every situation.

Being able to be part of LOOK! is important to Jesus because he wants to share a peak into his life in hope that someone who can relate to him will know they are not alone. “There are so many people with disabilities of all sorts who are living their lives like anyone else and although we might look or do things differently, it doesn’t mean we are less happy than anyone else” he says. “I have my struggles, but I don’t let them stop me from being happy.”

His family says Jesus always overlooks the hardships and takes on every challenge and struggle with strength and optimism. Jesus has a spinal cord injury and is quadriplegic. He also has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome and scoliosis. He wakes up each day with a smile on his face despite the challenges he faces. “Jesus’ faith has been strong throughout his journey. He is a living miracle and everything he is able to do now is nothing short of a miracle” says his mom, Ana.

Jesus is persistent and tenacious when it comes to his rehab and academics. Even though he has limitations, he finds a way to meet his goals. He is working hard with his physical and occupational therapies to gain back his independence. In 2018, he graduated high school with great success. His role models? His parents. Jesus says they are who he strives to be.

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